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Suzan Taylor

Hi, my name is Suzan Taylor. I have been teaching at MDUSD for over fifteen years. I attended  Hayward State University and Chapman University for my bachelors degree, credentialing, and masters degree in curriculum and instruction.

Suzan Taylor

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Classroom E-2

Course Overview


This course will include analyzing reading and writing throughout the year. We will study and analyze different pieces of writing and literature. Students will be expected to do various written response throughout the year. This will include response to literature, editing, paragraph and essay summaries. We will read between three to four books in class that will include a project. Students will be given a weekly spelling packet that will include a spelling test each Friday. 

A spiral notebook  (single subject) will be used almost daily to keep notes and sample writing. Homework will be work not completed in class and studying for spelling tests and assessments on chapter or unit studies.



The focus of 6th grade history begins with a short review of geography and history terminology. Ancient World will be the focus of our studies. This begins with early man and ends with the fall of Rome. This will be the first half of world history that will continue on into 7th grade. Cultures will include Mesopotamia (Middle East), Egypt, Kush, India, China, Hebrews, Greece, and Rome. Students will be looking at the geography, religion, achievements, government/policies, and economics of each culture. This will help us create a stronger understanding and answer the question "Why we do the things we do?" Each of these cultures have influences that impact the future development of the United States. Students will keep a notebook (single subject) that will include notes, and inserting various handouts and projects done in class. Section quizzes and chapter tests will be given on a regular basis. Homework, consists mainly of unfinished assignments or projects in class.



Students will need to have a book that they are currently reading at all times. Our goal is for students to complete a book at their reading level every 3-4 weeks. We will be doing independent reading as well as book clubs. Students will study and analyze literature in the classroom. A reading log will be kept, and a spiral notebook (single subject) will be needed for this class. There will be assessments and various book projects for each book throughout the year.


Current Events

This is a nine week elective course that focus on what is happening in the world. We will watch CNN 10 News for students daily. Looking at the newspaper and read articles on hot topics and events that are currently happening locally and globally. This class will include discussion. This class will not have homework unless short daily assignments are not completed.






Supply List

Supply List:

  • pencils
  • single subject spiral notebook for each class (English, History, Reading)

(The notebooks will mostly remain in the classroom for notes and assignments and should not be used for other classes)

  • highlighter
  • pen-black or blue
  • colored pencils
  • stick glue
  • post-its


extra helpful items to have:

  • small ruler
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • handheld sharpener
  • colored markers 
  • tape




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