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PE Clothes

To ensure a safe environment for participation and promote hygiene, students change into a color specific PE uniform every day. One of the overall goals of the physical education department is to teach students responsibility and hold them accountable for their actions. PE uniform shirt color is based upon the students 8th grade graduation year. Students will keep the same colored uniform for all 3 years of middle school.(For Example - The 8th Grade graduating class of 2018 will be smoke/gray for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade).


8th Grade Graduation Years and Uniform Color:


2019 Maroon
2020 Gold/Yellow
2021 Smoke/Grey
2022 Maroon
2023 Gold/Yellow
2024 Smoke/Grey





El Dorado grade-appropriate PE Shirt, Shorts, or Sweatpants




Plain grade-appropriate T-Shirt, Black Shorts, or Black Sweatpants



Sweatshirts and/or leggings of different color, may be worn UNDER the PE uniform during colder weather, provided they are NOT worn to school on the same day. Clothing worn to school may NOT be worn for PE. 


PLEASE NOTE: Students who choose to provide their own clothing items, must be sure their clothes meet all school dress code rules. 




All clothing worn for physical education MUST be labeled with the student's first initial and last name so that every effort can be made to return lost clothing to the proper owner. Students wearing a uniform that is not their own, will result in both students losing points and receiving a non-dress mark for the day. 





All students should have athletic shoes with laces and socks. Students are encouraged to have a pair of shoes and an extra pair of socks dedicated to PE only. In the mornings and during the colder months, our PE fields can be damp. Having a pair of shoes that are dedicated to PE is highly recommended. Boots, Heels, Slip-on Shoes, and Sandals of any kind are NOT appropriate footwear for physical activity and is a safety hazard. 




Students can purchase additional EDMS PE clothes from the Main Office with CASH before school, at lunch, or after school.

PE Shirt: $7.00

PE Shorts: $12.00

PE Sweatpants: $16.00

Shirt/Short/Sweatpants Combo: $33.00